I’ve got three new poems up at GlitterMOB Magazine today alongside a huge mess of beautiful geniuses. All three are from BOYFRIEND MOUNTAIN, a forthcoming collaborative full-length between myself & Tyler Brewington, coming this December from Poor Claudia. If you or someone you love appreciate gossipy/thoughtful nature/sex poems, might I suggest keeping an ear to the ground?
I have a couple new recordings up at Austin Hayden’s 90’s Meg Ryan project. They are translations of sorts from two of Zachary Schomburg’s poems, Hands and The Killing Trees. There’s also a bunch of other stuff from rad geniuses like Sampson Starkweather, Leora Fridman, Donald Dunbar, Morgan Parker, Dillon J. Welch, & lots of others. I recommend listening to them while brainstorming ways to decolonize our society of its own institutionalized shittiness.
DEAR TUMBLR // I AM MOVING TO ARIZONA IN ONE WEEK. Please help me rid my studio of the millions of collages, chapbooks, tapes, original lettered artwork, vintage magazines & paper ephemera I have collected over the past couple years. You can PayPal $5-500 to kellyschirmann at gmail dot com & I will mail you an appropriately sized packet of rad original art, music, etc. THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL DUDE(TTE)S <3 <3

my poetry book, takahe, is available now for pre-order
cover is by kelly schirmann

Such an honor to do the cover art for Stacey’s beautiful new book! Everyone go pre-order this amazing thing right now.
If you missed Black Cake’s first ever live reading, recording, & performance in Portland last month, consider this your after-dinner treat. This special bonus album, recorded live at the IPRC, features words & sounds by Black Cake alums Robert Duncan Gray, Lisa Ciccarello, Sara Woods, Emily Kendal Frey, & Zachary Schomburg. Shoutouts to everyone who came & listened to cross-genre performance on a Friday night, & for all our amazing readers (as well as those who couldn’t be there to read). Present & edible over at blackcake.org.
I have six new poems up at Western Beefs of North America today. Subscribe to this dang thing to read new work by Rachel B. Glaser, Tao Lin, Mark Leidner, Delia Pless, Matthew Rohrer, Lucy Ives, & more. Good job, Willis.
I have some poems in quarter 04