KELLY SCHIRMANN is a writer, musician, ceramicist, and visual artist from Northern California. She is the author of Popular Music and the co-author, with Tyler Brewington, of Boyfriend Mountain and Nature Machine. Her music projects include(d) headband (solo), Sung Mountains (with Jay Fiske), and Young Family (with Sam Pink). She is the founding editor of Black Cake, a record label for contemporary poetry and other experiments, and the co-creator of OMO, Public Access, and Americans for Responsible Technology (ART). She currently lives in Missoula, Montana.

THIS WEBSITE is a digital manifestation of a partial selection of some of the work that I do or have done. It does not account for things I’d like to do, or things I might currently be pushing into existence, or especially those daily practices or rituals or states that resist a neat summation here. I am a human, and imperfect, though I like talking to you. I hope you enjoy walking around. I am so grateful to you for being here.




kellyschirmann [at] gmail [dot] com